Valentines Day

By on 2-14-2017 in Personal


I hope you are/did spend your valentines with your loved ones or just doing something that makes you happy. I know what some of you are thinking or even said on Valentines Day.

“Oh its such a commercialized holiday…” “Oh I’m fighting the MAN and I will not participate in a man-made holiday…” “I show my loved ones I love them every DAYYY! WHHHYYY?! Do I need a seperate day to show them I care…?”


There is nothing wrong with needing a reminder to make sure you really are showing the people in your life you care! Every once in awhile it is okay to need a reminder on life things that you may have taken for granted.

You may need to remember that hey-your manager is a person and may have serious things happening outside of work. Or may be that the person you sit next to everyday at work is dealing with crazy stressful things that you know nothing about.

There are so many things in our culture that makes me sad and one is this mentality that we don’t need a reminder and we are somehow above it…dumb 

People need reminders and need to remember to go back to basics. Done.

I have to write things down or I won’t remember so I bought a paper planner, it helps me remember important bills, birthdays, cool quotes I hear and whatever else I need to remember. You are human, you may forget things. And forget to show your loved one how much they mean to you. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s okay. And it’s okay to let some one show you they care and love you. None of this should make you feel less than or just plain crappy.

You are human and you will forget things and will need a reminder. It really is okay… 

Those are my thoughts for the day.. Give your loved ones a big kiss regardless of when you read this and take two seconds to show someone you care. You may not love them, just care for them as a fellow human.


One simple act of kindness from you could mean the world to someone else. 




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