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By on 2-02-2017 in Personal

If you have been following my blog, you can pretty much assume things haven’t been easy for me the last couple months/year. I am still rockin’ my sweet post operation walking boot… Still having issues with pain and not sleeping… Still missing my loved ones and still experiencing my loved ones struggle with life-threatening issues…


I have made the decision to be happy, find little things to make me happy or just smile. I have been listening to…

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Which I would highly recommend you listen to.

I have been really enjoying her stance on issues and how her podcast challenges me. Challenges me to be happy. Each week she gives you a small task to help you live a happier life. She has for 2017 given the challenge to find one thing each day that makes you happy. Then you take a photo of it and #happier2017.

I am not completely delusional, and I realize that I won’t be happy every single day. Somedays I won’t be happy. Some days I will struggle to find something that makes me happy.

…But the act of finding and acknowledging something that makes me happy sounds beautiful.

Follow me on Instagram and take the challenge yourself. Find something everyday or just once a week that makes you happy and share it with your friends and loved ones! <3



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  1. So goes the theme song of the sitcom legend Happy Days, featuring the adventures of the All-American Cunningham family of the 19 and early .

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