Rum and Pineapple Juice pt 2

By on 5-08-2016 in Makeup

Last nightCpt A was my two year anniversary with the love of my life. We kept it pretty low key and saw Captain America Civil War. The movie was great, and there was hardly any one in the theatre, which I always love. The chairs in the theatre need a major upgrade. I could not get comfortable and kept wiggling around, so annoying.

:Back info: When the Sweet Peach pallet from Too Faced launched I went crazy, CRAZY. I made my boyfriend check the local Ulta while I called every Ulta and Sephora in the area and finally foundĀ a store that still had it for sale. I am so happy I was able to get my paws on it. I love it so much! FluffyToo Faced knows how to make a great eye shadow pallet. I only wish their chocolate bar pallets didn’t smell like chocolate..

Since it was our anniversary and I was playing with the colors I created a beautiful smoky/sultry look. I didn’t have time to add lashes, they defiantly would have helpedĀ but I am so in love with how it turned out. The purple glitter color that is in my outer corner “Talk Derby to Me” is everything to me. Sometimes darker shades that have glitter just look black. S PeachThe purple stays purple and still has the deep color and you can still see the glitter.

There you have it my make-up/mySpace photo. I discovered last night good make-up selfies are a lot harder to take than I thought. If you have tips and tricks help a sista out.



Till next time <3

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