Rules of Make-up

By on 6-25-2016 in Makeup

If anyone ever tells you there are rules in make-up throw something and walk away. Hunny, you don’t need that negativity and lies in your life. :Okay, maybe don’t throw anything:

Makeup is an art form. Someone who does make up isn’t called a make up ruler, they are a make up ARTIST. Art allows you to be creative and be you. Yes, there may be suggestions and guidelines but you do not need to follow them.

I have always had issues with rules which I think is one of the main reasons I got into make up in the first place. If you only want to wear eye liner, if you like your foundation to be darker than your actual skin color, do it. I would be happy to give you tips and tricks but that does not mean you need to follow them. At the end of the day if how you apply your make up makes you feel beautiful that is ALL that matters.

If I want to wear black or purple lipstick I will. And you can calm down if you do not like it. It’s fun it’s make up!  I don’t sit around and tell you that you should do your eyebrows, or that you can tell you buy the cheapest mascara in the world because looks like a giant clump of coal. Why don’t I say anything? Because if you feel beautiful, who cares what I think!

I worked for a company/cosmetic line for a hot minute and the trainer tried to tell me I was applying something wrong. The client was clearly unhappy with his application and I was trying to make her feel better. blah blah it turned into this ridiculous thing that managers came and talked to me that I should have just done exactly what he said and not asked so many questions or offer suggestions…. BTW once I did my thing and she looked in the mirror she loved what I had fixed.

I had another trainer from a line tell me I needed to put on lipstick on one day because I looked terrible. I had just had emergency tooth surgery, I had a fever and came to work because I knew this trainer would be there. I had make up on and most people told me I looked nice and they had no idea how sick I felt or miserable I was.

The point is make up is fun and if you have all these “Beauty Rules” it is no longer fun. This isn’t life or death its make up. Do you boo, and whatever makes you feel beautiful!


Till next time.

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