PB and Jelly

By on 10-23-2016 in Makeup

palette-and-wine-pbjI have been using the Too Faced PB and Jelly palette for the one palette a week challenge. I love the idea of this pallete but the execution may not be the greatest. I truly love the warm copper peanut butter inspired colors for the crease but all over the lid it is not my favorite in all honesty. collage-pbjI like that the three daily colors are larger but it means the other color sizes are smaller. I love the copper/lighter brown colors for the crease. highlight-pbj

 I even used the larger color Banana as a face highlighter and I received so many compliments when I used it as highlight. I love the idea of the purple and browns I just find myself not really using the purple. The smell is not overwhelming or over powering, it almost has a hint of vanilla which I enjoy. faded-wing-collage-pbjI hate to say this but if you missed this palette do not be too upset, there are better ones out there with more versatility and daily use. I did see they are coming out with the Peanut Butter and Honey, which I am intrigued to see what it will look like and if it will be more of a everyday palette vs. a crease and random purple colors that don’t seem to be a great match for the purple.

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