oops… I did it again… MIA pt 2

By on 7-26-2016 in Personal

Well I am sorry I have been MIA AGAIN… I have had a lot going on and still struggling to figure out how to get back on my feet (see MIA post). I AM a working Make-up artist (10 years and counting)  I recently did the makeup for a wedding. This was a personal friend’s wedding and did not have a chance to ask permission from the photographer or to take my own photos… 🙁

These are some I took- NO I was NOT drinking wine all night at the wedding…


 I will be making a photo album of any looks I have created on myself or I was hired (I always get permission to use and take any photos.) Please be nice some of the photos were taken not to be posted on a site, and I am by no means a photographer.

After watching two of my good friends say “I do” I took off the next weekend to take a mini vaca in Chicago with my love. We had a blast! Wednesday I turned 28, good lawd that sounds old. I think leading up to my birthday I had a little mini-crisis about my age and where I am in my life as I went and bought a bunch of candy, bubble gum tape and asked for a glittery unicorn phone case for my birthday… I had a wonderful day and thanks to everyone that made me feel special.

Till next time…

:Cheers: xoxo

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