Mid-West Make-up Convention

By on 8-06-2016 in Makeup

I went to my first ever Make-up convention! It was a super last minute idea and I didn’t have a lot of time I could spend there. Although I have been in professional doing make up for the past 10 years and I feel as though I know every thing, I do not. I love that as we previously discussed make up at the end of the day is art and therefore everyone has there own style and while mine may currently work for me there may be a new tip or trick I could learn or try. But sadly I could not stay to watch any of the amazing classes.

I was able to be there long enough to pick up some goodies. PRO tip- make up conventions usually have vendors that either provide you with some sort of discount card or they are selling items at a discounted price. Well I love me a good deal and picked up some new things to try.


I love organizing, for some people that may surpise you as I usually seem like umm free spirit. I have my weird things that I obsess and love to organize and one is my make up. I therefore picked up some more Z-Palettes to help organize my eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers. When I am doing make up for a wedding or something these save time and are a God send. Unlike some artists, I like my kit well stocked with options. Once I figure out how I will organize and what I will put in these I will show you how to de-pot and how nice it is to have it all organized.


I knew the vendors that would be there and the items and brands that would be sold so I knew going in what I wa going to purchase. While there I did have a couple impulse purchases… Whoops. I am glad, they happened however. I bought a Juoa lip product. So many beauty gurus have talked about how much they love this brand so I had to give it a shot. Oh my gosh, it has a lovely whipped texture that dries down and doesn’t move and a soft vanilla scent. I currently left it in my car and I am not in the mood to go all the way out there to take a photo. I will upload it later. It is a beautiful soft matalic pink shade that boarders a porn star look on the worng person, thankfully that’s not how it looks on me. I also finally caved and bought an ABH Cosmetics eye brow products. While I understand the hype as it makes your brows perfect and it’s easy I still want to try the new Benefit products as usually that is my go to. I also purchased One of those color swatch sponges. These are for when you have color on a brush and would like to use the same brush with a different color. Violet Voss was also there and I bought a couple of their lashes to try. It took all of my limited self control to not get the “Holy Grail” pallete. But I was good and just got the lashes and no shadows. Good Emily…


They had the infamous RCMA Translucent powder. I have been using this and I love it so much! I have been using it to bake my under -eyes and it doesn’t get crusty or crease. When I bake I also take the powder on my lid to help soak the excess oil so my shadow doesn’t crease either. I will say I hate the packaging, it looks like a sprinkles bottle. I am sure they use this to save cost as most high end/nice products you are paying mostly for packaging. I may actually dump it out and use something else that is easier and I don’t waste powder and keep the product sanitary.

Now the big guy I came for was the Viseart eye shadow palette. If you are not familiar with this brand don’t feel bad. It is not discussed very often or even available in stores, it is extremely expensive. I think normally it is around $80, for eye shadow. It sounds super crazy, I know! But I did get a discount and now playing with it and using it, it will be a staple in my kit and personal use. I purchased the 01 Neutral Matte palette and it is amazing! The colors are perfect for everyday or for bridal make up. I am so much in love with this. Oh buddy.


This kit inspired me for a little make up challenge. One kit for a full week and each day has to be a different look. I will be posting my first week hopefully tomorrow.



Till next time <3

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