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I love masks. When I walk into a Ulta, Sephora or even Target, I always stop to take a look at the latest masks they have. I will show my mask collection at a later time but today I will share with you my secret for clean, smaller pores. I even took some really bad before and after pictures of my face.

First I start out with removing my makeup. I used the Bioderma, I have been using this to remove my make-up, I’m undecided whether I like it or not. And obviously you can see part of my perfume and how I am currently obsessed with Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black.Starting

Mint I like to use a lip scrub to make sure all of my liquid lipstick has been removed. I like this Lush one, it has a nice mint smell and is edible and tastes good so you don’t need to worry if some gets in your mouth. I know I look super pretty in the picture but that is what the coLiquid lipofftton pads are for to help get everything off your face. Now that everything has been removed the fun begins.

You want to use a mask the deep cleans pores, my favorite is Origins charcoal mask, but I other ones can work. At Target they have the mask packets that are super inexpensive and are nice. Today, I used a pore cleaning mask I received as a gift and dries white. Once you put that on sit down, have some wine and wait for it to work. It should get hard and difficult for you to move your face. Once you have let is set for around 10 minutes you will go wash that off with your cleanser.

White wineNow that your pores are nice and clean it is time for mask number two, I know sounds crazy, right but it works! This one is more important that you get this specific product. It is the Mario Badescu Silver Powder. This is powder and you add a little water to make a kind of paste and you can put this on your whole face or just in the area where you have large pores.

SilverI leave this guy on for a good 15-20min. Once this is done you will once again wash your face and apply your nightly moisturizers and serums. Lately at night I use the Farsali 14k gold serum and then a Boscia hydrating mask that can be used for moisturizer as well. Now down here you will see a close up of my face before and after the masks.

bad poresafter

It’s the same area I just zoomed in more for the before picture. I seriously love this routine. If you try this let me know or if you have a different routine that you thinks works well-let me know and I will check it out!



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