Love, Loss & Lessons

By on 11-27-2016 in Personal

I’m not sure when my life turned into some dramatic lifetime/hallmark movie but I’m completely ready for it to stop. Wait…. not my life…. Just this drama 😂.

In September my Grandma passed away. She is now re-united with my Grandpa-the love of her life. old-gma-gpaWe always joked that their love and love story was something made for movies and that it was so similar to The Notebook by Nickolas Sparks. Well in the end I guess we were eerily right. I know she is much happier being with him but good grief both grandparents in less than 6 months.. woof..

She was a darling, loving woman who taught me so many valuable lessons. There is this adorable photo of us on vacation and she is curling her hair and me being under 5 years old standing next to her with my toy hair blow drier fixing up my hair as well. Always, look your best. I hope one day I can find this photo again as it adorable and a sweet moment.


Some more of her lessons include…princess-gma
Love your family and always find a way to laugh and have fun. Eat desserts often and sometimes as your full meal. Spend as much time admiring flowers as possible. Dogs are the best animal and should be given many treats and love. Play games and be silly. Christmas or Easter decorations can stay up year round as long as they are beautiful. ella-gmaPink is the best color and no matter the shade of pink or your age you can totally rock it-always. Short is beautiful. She claimed she was 4’11 although we all knew she was much shorter.

As you can tell in my posts on their death and life I was extremely close to both of them and miss them both with all my heart. I know they are happy to be together again, but I just miss them.

Earlier this month (November) I had surgery. I will talk more about that in a separate post but I am unable to put any weight on my foot for up to 6 weeks! 😱 So I have more than enough time to write and play with makeup. If you ever have questions on a post or something makeup related please feel free to ask! That is another reason I started this blog. I love make up and teaching. 😉

Till next time…oxox



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