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All of the rumors are true… I AM a bionic woman, or a make up robot. This is a weird attention grabber… What I am trying say is I had surgery on my foot and they placed a metal plate to help correct and straighten my bone. Gross, I know. While I was under they decided to lengthen my Achilles tendon.

I took one week off to recover and went back to work with my tricked out knee wheely, because I am super professional.  I had everything planned out, I bought a cute Betsey Johnson leather heart backpack so I could carry more and not have it get in the way on of my knee wheely. I would put the giant knee wheely in the back of my baby Rav4 and shimmy and hop to the driver’s door and go to work and shimmy to the back passenger door get out my sick wheely and head to work. It was difficult but I was going to push through because my team needed me, I couldn’t leave them hanging during the busiest time of the year for customer service. I would wake up early, get ready and get it all done. I even decorated my cast with the help of wine and a dear friend.

What I didn’t plan for is the elevator in my building being shut down, the cold strong winds, the hot flashes my pain medicine would give me, the exhaustion I felt every night, the exhaustion I felt in the mornings, not being able to hold a mug of coffee and use my knee wheely (I really should have thought of that), pain in my other leg and my muscles giving out, the pain I felt in my leg as I sat at my work desk, the knee wheely breaking and causing me to fall and yell in the middle of the office, falling outside the office in front of countless co-workers causing me to bleed and cry uncontrollably.

I think you get my point, I couldn’t do it. I had to give up and ask my Dr. if it would be best if I went on a med leave. He of course approved as he had hinted that he wanted me to go on one earlier. I was pushing myself too much and causing my recovery to take additional time.

I took the leave and am so glad I did, I am back on track to heal at a good rate. I have slept and watched Gilmore Girls, I had wonderful friends and family visit me and help take care of me. I am extremely stubborn and like to take care of myself and go out and have fun. This has been an extremely humbling experience as I have had to ask for assistance in my daily life. I am so grateful but am still extremely frustrated. I am ready to be done and back to my normal routine. I have found myself entrapped in YouTube videos and playing with makeup and making use of my adult coloring books while my foot is up; iced or with the heating pad on. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season-whatever you celebrate.




Look at what I get to wear at night to help stretch my Achilles tendon…………………… Jealous..?

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