Getting HIGH-light with you

By on 5-19-2016 in Makeup


Anyone who stays mildly up to date on social media has heard of Becca highlight, thanks to Jaclyn Hill. Well I never tried it, I don’t have anything against Jaclyn or Becca. It just didn’t have any interest in spending so much money on a highlighter. While at my nearest Ulta, (which is right next to┬áTarget, money pit #basic) I decided to browse. And I found this kit Best of Becca Blushed Radiance. I am pretty sure it has been on the shelve since Christmas but I didn’t care I was so excited.

hand(Left to right Opal, Flowerchild, Moonstone) Also still working on my swatch pictures–its just so wasteful of the product! The kit has one blush “Flowerchild”, one highlighter in “Opal”, Shimmering Skin Perfector “Moonstone” and backlight filter. They are all mini’s for $32.50, a value of $65. I am not writing this to make you jealous I found this rare gem. I am hear to say it’s WORTH it. The blush sits on your cheeks so beautifully and the color would match anyone. The highlight is everything I’ve ever want in highlight. Gives a beautiful glow and can be seen from the moon. I may even need to try get my paws on the Jaclyn Kit when it launches.. I used to use a Sephora fan brush but I have been converted! I tried the F03 by Sigma, it’s amazing. It is rounded and hits your cheekbone so perfectly and controlled..




Moral of the story if you see that kit grab it or you need a highlight try out the Becca one and the Sigma F03… OH GIRL you will be #onfleek


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