Fall Favorites

By on 11-12-2016 in Makeup

I love fall, I love the colors, the crisp air, Halloween, cozy blankets and fall TV. I find myself this fall in love and wearing warm rose colors. ABH’s Modern Renaissance is still my go to and favorite eye shadow palate. fall-fav-1You have so many options and looks you can create with this palate and even though as you will see in the photos-it no longer looks perfect but for wearing it daily there is hardly a dent in the actual pans. Since the shadows are so pigmented you hardly need any product to create a beautiful look.

I love blush, it completes any look and my current go to has been the warm rose color of Sigma’s Cora-De-Rosa. Sigma’s Aura powders are some of my favorite cheek colors. They are perfectly pigmented so you can create a natural flush of color or a dramatic look. There is so much product in the pans and defiantly worth the investment.

Fresh Rose Face Mask, has been my current favorite mask. You need a small amount and it not only gives your face a beautiful glow but it also helps to tone and clean and minimize pores. I am not a fan of the smell, it seems to be a little too strong for my taste. But I can get past that as the look and feel of my skin is so beautiful after I use it.

fall-fav-2Jaclyn Hill is the queen of highlight and glow so when she launched her glow palette I jumped on that. I am sorry to talk about something that was limited. But you are able to purchase her Becca highlights individually. Every time I wear one of these colors, I receive multiple comments on my glow. I feel like a glowing goddess and as though I am channeling my inner Jaclyn Hill.

I like full coverage foundation, I do not like cakey and over powering foundation. I have been using the Tarte Amazonian Full Coverage 12 hour foundation. I even purchased a second bottle, for a make up junkie such as myself I think that says a lot. I think it gives the perfect coverage and on days I am feeling dry I mix it with my Rose Gold (another all time favorite). The only thing I wish is they would change is that it is a squeeze tube. I prefer pumps as they are more sanitary and I don’t feel as though I am wasting product.

The final fall favorite is the classic everyday Everlasting Liquid Lip of Lolita from Kat Von D. I love her liquid lips, it is fall-fav-3one of my favorite formulas. But this shade is everything you would want in a fall liquid lip. It is a warm rose terracotta shade. I actually purchased this months ago and lost it somewhere so I had to buy a new one. At first I did not want to spend the money on something I had already purchased. Once I started wearing that regret was quickly gone. I not only receive compliments but I also feel beautiful in this color.


Till next time. oxoxo


  1. Thankful to be sharing this season with so many of my favorite people, including an amazing group of friends and family, and this sweet guy. Hope that you snuggle your loved ones close this season, and that you all have a beautiful Fall season ahead!

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