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NothingI am basic and I am okay with that. I thought this would be a great chance to break down the basics of blush, highlight, contour, bronze. I will go more in-depth later this is just a starting point since some people don’t know. Please do not feel ashamed if you are someone who doesn’t know the basics. I have noticed that too many “make up artists, beauty bloggers and etc ASSUME people know the basics. In my experience you cannot assume and what is the point, to show off your intelligence with make-up? Who cares. One of my favorite parts of being a make up is teaching so here we go..! To the right you will see a picture of me with just foundation on. Dang nose looks huge and I have no cheeks.

blushBlush; is meant to give your face a natural flush, as if you had just gone for a run or you were outside in the cold. This is super old school method but if you are unsure of a color or placement go for a run and see the color of your face and placement. If you notice the blush I have is slightly berry and on my cheekbones.


Highlight is to give your skin a healthy and hydrated glow. When you get all hot and sweaty, you will have a glow on the top of your cheek bones, the middle of your nose, and if you want to look like an expert put a little on your cupids bow, (the part of your lip directly under your nose, when the two sides of your face formed together). Do you see the part that is glowing on my cheek bone in this photo? That is the best place to place your highlight. (if you want specific product ideas let me know).


contourContour: the idea behind contouring is to emphasize the hallows in between your bones. Sounds odd right?  It kinda is. You want your cheek bones to be more defined by making the hallows darker. This will make your face thinner, contouring your nose will make it look smaller and will make your jaw more defined and if you want you can even make your forehead smaller. I can show that in more detail later. I don’t want to confuse or overwhelm anyone. If you notice in the photo, you can see the my cheek bone more defined. How do pick a contour color, it needs to be one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. I think most people look better in a warm tone.


Bronzer: this is really only to make your face look like you were out in the sun. If your bronzer is too defined and noticeable you are using too much. Bronze can go all over the face and like I said it should not be too strong otherwise it won’t look good. Personally, I love a matte neutral tone. My new favorite for pale skin is Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. One: I think the color is so natural and neutral. Two: it smells like Pina Colada and who doesn’t love thaBronzert?! You can find it at Target or the drugstore so it is convenient as well, which is a plus. You should notice the left side is SLIGHTLY darker than the right. If you want something more dramatic and darker I recommend tanning.

There you go now you know the basics. Let me know if you have questions!



Till next time! <3


Also I hate pictures of myself, I need to get used to taking them.


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